S211 Overview

This small but mighty model measures just under 21 feet but packs the attitude of a much larger towboat. The S211 delivers world class performance and accommodation at great value. Like a scrapper who becomes a champion, the S211 is small but exceptionally stylish inside and out. The traditional modified v-bow offers big, wide-bow comfort. It also delivers premium performance capability with the wave-making deep-v hull, complemented by QuickFill ballast, Plug and Play ballast, center ballast tank, and the available QuickSurf system – all pushed by Supreme Power by GM Marine. Built with strength and longevity in mind, this boat calls for an attitude adjustment by delivering extreme fun and value.

Supreme S211


Smells like spirit

From the look on the faces of passengers to the sheer exhilaration of riders behind them, Supreme boats evoke a feeling of unbridled spirit that invites you to participate. From the impressive lines visible at the dock and on the trailer, to the sleek design above the water line, this is a water sports tow boat that will turn heads. As the only affordable premium towboat, Supreme does not downgrade its looks, but instead elevates all who choose Supreme.

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