ZS212 Overview

It’s called the ZS212, but internally this 21-foot 2-inch boat is known as one of our Zeus boats. Named for the Z-shaped sheer line, we call them Zeus because you will feel like you are master of Worlds when you launch off the powerful surf wave or wakeboard wakes of the Tapered-V hull. With extra strength from our Vacuum Infusion and Unibody Construction, and powered by GM Marine, this boat embodies the mythical trinity of surf, strength and spirit. It’s like putting the power of a lightning bolt into your quiver. Unleash it and soar to new heights. Enjoy your ride with Supreme boats.

ZS212 Side Profile


Length w/out Platform 21′ 2″
Beam 102″
Draft 36″
Weight 5350 lbs
Fuel Capacity 81 gals
Seating Capacity 13
Ballast 2850 lbs (STD) + 1350 (OPT) = 4200 lbs
Engine GM Marine EX3 5.7L/1.72:1
Engine Warranty 5 Years

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