Through the surf, wake, and ride of the towboats we make, we help you create joyful experiences and lifelong memories. It’s our desire to help people from all walks of life experience positive change in, on and related to water. It’s not just about the boat.

Our Mission your joy

As a Correct Craft company, Supreme boats embraces the mission of “Making Life Better,” and that mission drives all that we do. The surf, wake and ride of our towboats is designed to create joyful and experiences for you and your family and friends. We also help people from all walks of life experience positive change in, on and related to water. We’re not just a company that builds boats. We believe that the more we support one another as loving, caring human beings, the more of God’s glory we are reflecting as a company and as individuals. We respect one another for our differences while celebrating our similarities through water sports.

Building Great Boats is our Passion

We take pride and satisfaction in a job well done and making your Supreme boat look like a serious surf boat is a passion of ours. We are highly focused during every step, from meticulous mold preparation to spraying gel coat in optimum conditions, to create a sustained, deep luster finish. When your Supreme is buffed to a high shine in the Pre-Detail process we identify imperfections and fix them before the interior and exterior components are added. It’s an extra step that our competitors skip, but we believe it’s worth it to make your Supreme look as good as it performs.

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Supreme Boats offer waves and wakes that scale smoothly from first-timer to professional. These championship wake surfing boats also offer customizable cool that allows you to showcase your individual style and turn every head at the dock doing it.