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Deep-V Hull

A modified Deep-V hull is the secret behind the surfability of a Supreme

It is no secret that Supreme builds boats with superior surfability. But you may not realize that the reason our boats can produce such amazing wakes is the modified deep-v hull design built into the Tapered-V and new EZ-V running surfaces. It beats a flat hull every time when it comes to shaping wakes to the specifications you want for your performance.

With double the degree of V (20 degrees of deadrise) of our competitors, our modified deep-v starts at water level and creates a smooth rough-water ride. The ‘modified’ piece of this design adds balance to the hull to guard against side-to-side weight shift negatively impacting the water behind the boat. Surfability is expanded further in our ZS models with the Tapered-V Hull design, which seats the rear of the boat lower in the water when it is weighted, creating more water displacement with less weight and intensifying the waves and wakes produced.

The new EZ-V Hull under the S220 and S240 is just that, easy. Supreme’s EZ-V Hull Design is even better than an easy button on the water because it easily gets you started, but can take you all the way to “the zone”. The EZ-V Hull displaces water to create a surfable wave right off the trailer.