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Fuel Efficiency

50% more fuel efficient than other boats

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One of the benefits of constant research and the quest to build a better boat is that when one system is improved, other systems become more efficient. That’s the case when we designed a level-running boat with the EZ-V and Tapered-V hull designs. Our goal was to create a boat that was balanced and runs parallel to the water’s surface. When we achieved that goal, not surprisingly, it resulted in a significant shift toward better fuel efficiency. When our engineers noted the uptick in fuel efficiency, they pushed to improve this benefit of their design to the point that our boats are now 50 percent more fuel efficient than other boats.

Blue 2023 Supreme cruising down lake with greenery behind it.

It started with the lift created by the leveling pads on the rear corners of the running surface. These reduce resistance on the hull in the water and less resistance naturally requires less power, and less fuel, to push the boat at any speed.

The level front-to-back running attitude of Supreme even at surfing and wakeboarding speeds creates less resistance along with less stress on the engine.

The reduced stress in turn results in considerably less engine noise than other boats. This is because the engine is not working as hard to pull that rider, even fully loaded with ballast. By shifting ballast options to be evenly distributed throughout the boat, we keep the boat level and the resistance down. The difference is noticeable when you are in the boat, especially when you want to have a conversation.

The QuickSurf System is based on lift. The Supreme surf system does not create drag. It simply creates lift opposite the surf side, which displaced that corner of the boat’s running surface to create the wave. But remember that corner has a lifting pad tooled-in to it, so it is still not creating resistance.

Boat performance, driver, and skiers – it’s all interconnected and our engineers are clever enough to recognize that improving one aspect of a design results in added benefits not only to the performance of the boat, but ultimately to your enjoyment.

The performance built into Supreme hulls not only increases your skills on the water, but it also gives you more time to hone those skills and make more memories between fuels-ups. And our designers are continuously striving to lengthen that time to make lives better.