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Quiet Ride

There will be plenty of conversations about this quiet ride

We enjoy having conversations with our family and friends, especially when we are on the water. That’s why we design and build Supreme boats with ultra-low noise levels in mind. In fact, we have done such a good job at keeping the decibel levels down you will find you can use your “indoor” voice to communicate, unless, of course, your boat mates are rowdy! We create quiet through efficient level-running hull design that requires much lower engine RPM to power even when weighted, unibody construction that eliminates water and engine vibration noise and our available Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate Exhaust System that dampens engine noise. The decibel level in our boats is as low as 86.5 decibels in the driver’s seat. That’s not the level when idling. That’s the level when pulling a wake surfer at 3200 rpms. It’s about the sound of your average dishwasher. So, leave your ear plugs at home and prepare for the ultimate ride and relaxation.