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Did you know the physical act of smiling improves your mood? At Supreme we measure success not just in sales and satisfied customers, but also in the smiles we create. We call it the Supreme Smile – that look of pleasure that appears when you ride behind, drive, or spend uninterrupted time with friends and family in our towboats. Drivers smile at the joy of how our boats handle, riders smile at the pure fun of catching a wave and riding it so far from the back of the boat or launching off a symmetrical wake, whatever their sport of choice. And who doesn’t smile when they get to enjoy a day or an hour on the water with family and friends? Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Supreme offers the perfect opportunity for making life better. With our 5-year warranty, ownership of a world class Supreme boat also comes with the kind of peace of mind that enables one to relax and enjoy the ride.