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You can design the perfect surf wave to fit your surfing style

Supreme boats can accommodate your specific needs, whether you are just learning to surf or have perfected your style, with our adjustable ballast options. Depending on which boat you choose, we offer up to 4900 pounds of ballast in as many as six locations, evenly distributed throughout the hull. Each ballast option can be individually pumped to help you dial-in your perfect wave. The ballast, combined with our available QuickSurf system, which creates lift opposite the surf side of the boat and displaces the surf corner, forms the wave. Wave style can be adjusted with the Stinger Wake Plate or Silent Stinger option and with the Zero Off Speed Control you pick the height, length and shape of the wave. What does this mean to your performance? Simply put, our waves can grow with you. Start out with smaller waves and find your comfort zone. Increase the size as your expertise grows and you want to push your limits. It’s up to you, thanks to the flexibility of our system.