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2019 World Wake Surf Championship

Ogden Valley, Utah September 4, 2019 – The 2019 World Wake Surf Championship, presented by GM Marine, begins tomorrow! Bookended by Snow Basin and Powder Mountain ski resorts, Pineview’s sandy beaches set the stage for the 2019 WWSC! This year’s competition is the most highly anticipated event of the season for both athletes and fans, an invite to World’s is what everyone has worked towards during the 2019 season. It all comes down to this as the CWSA sanctioned championship will see the world’s top professional wake surfers take to the water including World Champion surfers; Connor Burns, Ashley Kidd, and Keenan Flegel along with all the world’s top ranked riders in amateur, masters, juniors and outlaw divisions (both male and female with both skim style and surf style). Admission is free but there is a standard parking fee at the venue of $18. Expect three days of music, food, activities and fun on the beach on top of the world class wake surf competition! While you’re here check out the world’s best waves, wakes, and ride on the water with demos presented by BoardCo and Fred’s Marine. If you can’t catch the action in person you can catch all the updates on the Centurion Boats live stream starting tomorrow (Thursday 9/5) at 8 am. For location information and a tentative event schedule please refer to the information below.


Location Information

-Cemetery Point on the Pineview Reservoir

-For easiest GPS navigation type “Huntsville Cemetery” into your maps app


Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Day One – Skim Style Heats:

7:50 am – Opening Ceremonies / National Anthem

8:00 am – Outlaw Female Skim (Heats)

8:52 am – Outlaw Male Skim (Heats)

9:52 am – Pro Male Skim (Heats)

10:57 am – Pro Female Skim (Heats)

12:03 pm – Juniors Combined (Heats)

12:55 pm – Masters Female Skim (Heats)

1:34 pm – Masters Male Skim (Heats)

2:28 pm – Amateur Female Skim (Heats)

3:20 pm – Amateur Male Skim (Heats)

4:20 pm – Outlaw Female Skim Last Chance Qualifiers

4:46 pm – Outlaw Male Skim Last Chance Qualifiers

5:20 pm – Pro Male Skim Last Chance Qualifiers

5:59 pm – Pro Female Skim Last Chance Qualifiers

6:30 pm – End of Day One


Day Two – Surf Style Heats:

7:50 am – Opening Ceremonies / National Anthem

8:00 am – Outlaw Female Surf (Heats)

8:52 am – Outlaw Male Surf (Heats)

9:52 am – Pro Male Surf (Heats)

10:50 am – Pro Female Surf (Heats)

11:57 am – Masters Female Surf (Heats)

12:36 pm – Masters Male Surf (Heats)

1:36 pm – Amateur Female Surf (Heats)

2:21 pm – Amateur Male Surf (Heats)

3:21 pm – Outlaw Male Surf Last Chance Qualifiers

3:47 pm – Outlaw Female Surf Last Chance Qualifiers

4:21 pm – Pro Male Surf Last Chance Qualifiers

4:54 pm – Pro Female Surf Last Chance Qualifiers

5:26 pm – End of Day Two


Day Three – Finals:

7:20 am – Opening Ceremonies / National Anthem

7:30 am – Outlaw Female Surf (Finals)

8:02 am – Outlaw Male Surf (Finals)

8:43 am – Outlaw Female Skim (Finals)

9:15 am – Outlaw Male Skim (Finals)

9:56 am – Amateur Female Skim (Finals)

10:22 am – Amateur Male Skim (Finals)

10:56 am – Masters Female Skim (Finals)

11:22 am – Masters Male Skim (Finals)

11:48 am – Juniors Combined (Finals)

12:22 pm – Amateur Female Surf (Finals)

12:48 pm – Amateur Male Surf (Finals)

1:22 pm – Masters Female Surf (Finals)

1:48 pm – Masters Male Surf (Finals)

2:22 pm – Pro Female Skim (Finals)

2:54 pm – Pro Male Skim (Finals)

3:35 pm – Pro Female Surf (Finals)

4:07 pm – Pro Male Surf (Finals)

4:40 pm – End of Day Three


In addition to the competition, you can join a select group of individuals and partake in an exclusive and incredibly unique opportunity to meet with some of your favorite pro riders in a fully immersive watersports experience. You’ll get the VIP treatment with a boatload of free food and swag, in addition to towboat rides, boat demos, premium viewing, free admission, and more. This is the ultimate opportunity to enjoy premier access and fun in the sun, while you test the most innovative towed water sports boat on the market for yourself.

The VIP Event runs simultaneously to the competition from 8 am to 5 pm on each day of on-the-water action. For one last chance to enter and be selected for the VIP experience please complete the form here and don’t miss your chance to take part in this one of a kind event. Individuals who qualify will be notified via phone call and email.

In addition to the VIP experience, you can take the opportunity to enjoy an awesome day on the water by signing up for a free test ride or demo with a local dealer on site during the competition. Let us prove to you that we’ve got your number with an incredible ride in one of our premier boats. For more information on how you can take part please visit our information page here or come visit us on location tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday (9/5 to 9/7).

You won’t want to miss out on this year’s incredible event.

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