A man is riding a Supreme jet ski on a body of water.

2020 ZS232 Poised to Help Supreme Achieve New Heights

The 2020 Edition of the Most Valuable Towboat Looks to Take the Watersports World by Storm.

MERCED, CA (October 4, 2019) – The most valuable towboat is back in a big way, the Supreme ZS232 electrified the market in 2019 and this year’s 2020 model looks to deliver even more performance to towed watersport boat owners everywhere. Supreme’s premier boat packs all the punch of a world class wake surfing boat because it’s built for performance inside and out. Introducing the Supreme Boats 2020 ZS232. One look at the 23-foot 2-inch beauty and you will know you are looking at a high-performance wake surfing boat. The new F-Series Tower by Roswell drives this point home with a unique forward swept design. The ZS models are named for their Z-shaped sheer line, but internally they are known as the Zeus boats because riding one is like surfing a lightning bolt – embodying the mythical trinity of surf, strength and spirit. With as much as 4600 pounds of ballast at your fingertips controlled through the 7” OmniTouch Screen and the Tapered-V Hull for bigger waves, you can launch to new heights from the powerful surf wave, or cruise like you rule the water. Visit your local Supreme Boats dealer today to experience the 2020 Supreme ZS232 and let us prove it to you.

The unmatched surf performance of the 2020 Supreme ZS232 is apparent at first sight. The ZS232 throws one of the fiercest waves on the market. Plus, the spirit of the wide bow, Z-shaped shear line, raked stance, and chiseled body lines will stop you in your tracks while the deliberate shape of the new running surface will literally move you. The strength of a Supreme boat comes from the extra steps of Vacuum Infusion and Unibody Construction. These production processes join Supreme Power by GM Marine to create the quietest ride.

The Tapered-V hull does just that, it tapers towards the back of the boat allowing the ZSs to displace more water with less ballast weight at the transom. This creates an amazing surf wave on either side, but the wakeboard wake is just as impressive. Turned-down outside chines that flatten into rear corner stabilizing pads to create a symmetrical well shaped wakeboard wake. And all this performance is evident at first sight with the uniquely aggressive design of the ZS232.

Just because the hull design requires less ballast to displace walls of water, doesn’t mean the ZS Series has any less ballast available. The ZS232’s 4600 pounds of ballast is specifically placed in 8 independently controlled locations. This factory set-up gives maximum adjustability to create your perfect wave or wake. Engage the optional QuickSurf System and move the wave from side to side in 1.8 seconds without adjusting ballast.

The competitive spirit of ZS232 shines through on the outside of the boat. The sharp ultra-wide bow is one of the most spirited characteristics of the ZS models. Chiseled lines flow from the bow into the irreverent side profile marked by a Z and an S shaped sheer line on either side. The sheer line is where the deck and the hull of this boat come together and the inspiration for the ZS name. This unique merger adds to the muscle car stance of the boat to take the ZS look to uncharted waters.

The ZS232 has become all the rage as it’s helped Supreme Boats achieve new heights while reducing Supreme owner’s ‘on water’ noise levels to new lows. This strength is created by the Vacuum Infusion production process (VIP). This is a closed molded process that produces a boat with superior strength and consistency by introducing resin to engineered fiberglass cloth under vacuum. This process is so precise we know within 8 ounces how much resin goes into each Supreme. Once the structure of the boat is created each system is fused together with Plexus, a chemical adhesive that changes the molecular structure of fiberglass to make two pieces one. The deck, hull, stringers, subfloor and floor are joined with Plexus in a Supreme. This strong quiet foundation accepts Supreme Power by GM Marine to ratchet up the performance and efficiency of the ZS232.

Whether you’re being pushed by the ZS232’s powerful surf wave, launching off of the wakeboard wakes or comfortably cruising over rough water on a windy day, this innovative Supreme boat helps you enjoy your ride. Let us prove the surf, strength and spirit of the 2020 Supreme ZS232 to you on the water, schedule a test ride today. Enjoy your ride with Supreme Boats.

ZS232 Specs:

  • Length: 23’ 2”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 32”
  • Dry Weight: 5450
  • Fuel Cap: 81 gals
  • People Cap: 14
  • Ballast Cap: 4600 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 yrs
  • Standard Torque: 370 ft/lb
  • Max Torque: 465 ft/lb

About Supreme Boats: There is a growing movement of people embracing the Supreme life with the only affordable premium towboat on the market. With performance, style, simplicity and strength built to maximize fun on the water, Supreme Boats are the fastest growing surf and wake boat brand with industry-leading market share growth. Spend more time on the water doing what you love. It’s more fun to have fun. http://mvpsupreme.wpengine.com

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