Supreme Boats S-Series tied to dock

Centurion Wild West Wake Surf Shootout Hosted by Century Marine Day 1 – Amazing Start!

Peoria, AZ (March 26, 2022) — 75 wake surf competitors descended on Lake Pleasant Marina in Peoria, AZ hosted by Century Marine, to attack the waves behind the Centurion Ri265 at the first Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) competition of 2022.

The competition was intense and it went from sun up to sun down. The official tow boat, Centurion Ri265 pulled like a champ, with zero issues and only siping about 6 gallons of fuel per hour.

The Century Marine Crew executed an amazing first day of competition at the Wild West Wake Surf Shootout. They also managed to welcome new 2022 Centurion and Supreme owners to the Water Ready Experience as well as a handful of new Centurion and Supreme boat owners into the family as new buyers.

What is the Centurion & Supreme Water Ready Experience? The ultimate 2022 Centurion and Supreme owner on-water preparation. To be experienced prior to or soon after receiving a new 2022, WRE is an opportunity to surf, wake, ride and drive a Centurion or Supreme similar to the 2022 model they chose.

Going into finals today the professional divisions are extremely tight and they stack-up this way. Pro Female Skim is ranked 1-4, Ashley Inloes at 80.3, Bailey Dunn at 76.8, Nicole Hudson at 71.6 and Zoey Montgomery at 67.5. Pro Female Surf is ranked 1-6, Ashley Kidd at 90, Madi Horta at 78.8, Lily Anderson at 76.3, Rylee Steffen at 72, Kristina Kolesnikova at 61.1 and Zoey Montgomery at 60.0. Pro Male Skim is ranked 1-5, Tyler Stewart at 94.5, Keenan Flegel at 89.0, Ryan Deese at 84.5, Jarrett Scribner at 57.0 and Brock Moody at 52.5. Pro Male Surf is ranked 1-8, Connor Burns at 100, Chad Carlson at 93.5, Keegan Hodgson at 88.5, Zane Montgomery at 84.0, Keenan Flegel at 83.5, Tyler Stewart at 79.3, Evan Feierabend at 72.0 and Perry Morrison at 59.5.

Tune into the live feed today, 8am to 5pm, to witness the thrill of finals day at At 1:00pm Centurion and Century Marine will be featuring an Arizona Adaptive Water Sports ( wake surfing exhibition behind a 2022 Centurion Ri245 with Jordan Koeninger.

Amy Mauzy, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Centurion Boats said, “I am so excited for finals today! The heats were so close! Tune into the live or come down to the Lake Pleasant Marina to enjoy the action with us. It’s going to be a great day!”

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