Enjoy Your Ride in the Only Affordable Premium Towboat: 2018 Supreme Boats S238

The 2018 S238 is a nearly 24-foot wake surfing towboat that helps you and 15 of your closest friends enjoy your time on the water no matter what makes you all happy. The modified Deep-v Hull design, complemented by available QuickFill Ballast, available Plug and Play Ballast and the available QuickSurf System, pushed by GM Marine Crusader Engines from PCM give you all the tools you need to power your Supreme life. The Octo® Tower by Skylon towers above the rest with the style and strength. 2018 Supreme boats are making waves with the SeeTouch®  Dash System, a  touch screen that monitors and control almost every boat system, intuitively. All of this performance, style and functionality is supported by the strength of the vacuum infusion process for a towboat that has a build quality as remarkable as it’s quality of ownership with a 5-year warranty. Visit your nearest Supreme boats dealer today and enjoy your ride in the only affordable premium towboat brand on the market. Supreme Boats is a Correct Craft Company.

Enjoy Your Ride in the Only Affordable Premium Towboat: 2018 Supreme Boats S238 from Centurion & Supreme Boats on Vimeo.

Paul Singer, President of Centurion & Supreme Boats, had this to say about the 2018 Supreme S238. “We get the comment all of the time after people have been in and around the S238, ‘Is that the right price?’ Most can’t believe a towboat that looks and performs at premium levels can be this affordable, but the Supreme S238 is all of that and more!”

High-fun Performance
Supreme’s Modified Deep-V Hull Design makes the funnest waves and wakes with the softest ride. This hull design is unique to Supreme boats displacing more water with less weight for amazing size and shape without compromising shock absorption on rough water. QuickFill Ballast leaves time for more fun with tooled-in ballast system that fills in two minutes and drains just as fast. The standard Stinger Wake Plate orders prop turbulence to create cleaner wakes and waves without compromising push or kick. The large surface area of the Stinger also provides tight control of the boats running attitude, which improves wake shaping and rough water ride. Supreme QuickSurf moves World Class waves from side to side with a touch; in a Supreme boat weighted equally for comfortable level operation. Supreme performance and fun is powered by GM Marine. Standard Supreme Power is an EX3 5.7L GM Marine engine with 343hp, 370ft-lb or torque and a 1.72:1 gear reduction. You can upgrade Supreme Power to 410ft-lb or 451ft-lb of torque for even more pulling power.

Cool Style
Supreme Boats is towering over the rest with style, strength and simplicity. The octagon-tubed Octo® Tower by Skylon offers strength and unique style to the 2018 S238. The Octo® has the strength of a compression latch activated overlock as well as the simplicity of weightless folding. Supreme’s SportShield® windshield compliments the lines of the S238 and follows the design cues of the Octo® Tower with branded black textured a-pillars. New standard Chromex decals add to the premium look of the S238, while Supreme gel coat graphics create the pride of reigning supreme even at the launch ramp. New for 2018 the Supreme S238 is now available with another custom decal package we lovingly refer to as Tron. The cool look reflects Supreme fun performance and elevates pride of ownership. Supreme has created a new class of towboat with premium interior at a value price. The multiple colors and textures of Spradling’s Matte Vinyl are sewn together with double and triple-stitched seams of GORE® TENARA® Thread included the hand-covered dash and throttle console.

Simply Works
2018 Supremes are making waves at the helm with a touch screen. The SeeTouch®  Dash System has a high-end looks with a cool interface that provides control of almost every boat system. Power and adjust the standard ZeroOff Speed Control. Command and monitor as much as 2,700 lbs of ballast. Execute QuickSurf to surf left or right and fine-tune those settings. Command and monitor the position of the Stinger Wake Plate. The SeeTouch®  Dash System is as intuitive and easy to use as it is beautiful.

Strong Construction
Supremes boats are built with the strength, precision and environmental responsibility of vacuum infusion. The S238 hull, floor, stringers and all small fiberglass parts are now creating using the vacuum infusion process (VIP).  VIP creates a stronger, more consistent boat while drastically reducing emissions. The vacuum infusion process requires specific tooling, longer cycle times and higher consumable costs; however, Supreme Boats believes the strength, consistency and environmentally friendly benefits of VIP far outweigh the additional costs. This is the same “extra mile” attitude Supreme Boats takes with respect to trailers. The XHD Extreme Heavy Duty Trailers offers the strength of 7 gage steel HD tube frames with heavy duty axles and a 6” Patented “Pivot Hitch”. Trailers are sandblasted and then powder coated prior to accepting custom colors. The XHD offers a custom West Coast look with Frenched-in LED lighting and sleek fenders. The Supreme XHD Trailer also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Visit your nearest Supreme boats dealer today and enjoy your ride in the only affordable premium towboat brand on the market.

Supreme S238 Specifications:
Length w/out Platform: 23′ 8″
Beam: 102″
Draft: 32″
Weight: 4,700 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 63 gals
Seating Capacity: 16
Ballast: 1,100 lbs (STD) + 1,600 lbs (OPT) = 2,700 lbs
Tank Bow Ballast: 350 lbs STD
PNP Bow Ballast: 500 lbs OPT
PNP Rear Ballast: 1,100 lbs OPT
Pumped Supreme Sub-Floor Ballast: 750 lbs STD (OPT QuickFill)
STD Engine: Supreme Power by GM Marine EX3 5.7L/343hp/370ft-lb/1.72:1
OPT Engine: Supreme Power by GM Marine L96 6.0L/409hp/410ft-lb/1.72:1
OPT Engine: Supreme Power by GM Marine HO 6.0L/450hp/451ft-lb/1.72:1