Enjoy Your Ride in the New 2018 Supreme S224

Supreme’s S224 is a 22.5 v-drive wake, surf and ski boat that offers space for 11 riders and their gear, but comes in a manageable tow size. This affordable premium towboat is built entirely through the environmentally-friendly Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). A strong, consistent performer, the S224 handles like a dream even when loaded to ride, thanks to its Modified Deep-v hull. With 2000 lbs. of available plug and play ballast, the S224 can throw amazing wakes and waves that will satisfy everyone in your crowd. The new 2018 version will also ignite admiration for its attractive design. A strong performer, premium towboat in a manageable size at an affordable price – what else would you expect from a Supreme?

The Supreme S224’s Modified Deep-v Hull produces the funnest waves and wakes as well as the softest ride. This is a hull design that displaces more water with less weight, is well balanced for a symmetrical wakeboard wake and absorbs the shock of rough water. The new S224 benefits from a plug and play ballast system with a total of 2000 pounds capacity. The optional plug and play bow ballast is a 500-pound bag plumbed beneath the bow seating. The optional plug and play rear ballast is two 750-pound bags plumbed on either side of the engine. Fill the optional ballast and move World Class waves from side to side with a touch of the SeeTouch® Dash; in a Supreme boat weighted equally for comfortable level operation. Engage the Stinger Wake Plate to order prop turbulence to create cleaner wakes/ waves without compromising push or kick. The large surface area of the Stinger provides tight control of the boats running attitude, which improves wake shaping and rough water ride.

2018 S224s are making waves at the helm with a new dash and touch screen, the Supreme SeeTouch® Dash System . The look is high-end and cool while the monitoring and control of almost every boat system is intuitive. GPS Speed Control by ZeroOff standard, Ballast Command and Monitoring, QuickSurf Command and Monitoring, Stinger Wake Plate Command and Monitoring. This dash system offers maximum control with extreme functionality and easy use.

Supreme’s sporty branded windshield, the SportShield®, compliments the lines of the S224 and follows the design cues of the Octo® Tower with logoed black a-pillars. The optional Octo® Tower by Skylon towers over competitor offerings with style, strength and simplicity. This octagon-tubed tower by Skylon offers strength and unique style to the 2018 S224. The Octo® has the strength of a compression latch activated overlock as well as the simplicity of weightless folding.

If the case for this Supreme wasn’t strong enough, add the strength of VIP. The Supreme S224 is built entirely with the strength, precision and environmental responsibility of the vacuum infusion process. In spite of longer tact times and more expensive materials, we believe the benefits of building towboat through the vacuum infusion process are well worth it. We are a custom boat builder after all and realize building the best boat has nothing to do with the speed or quantity of our production but instead hinges on the drive towards continuous improvement.

Length w/out Platform 22′ 4″
Beam 95″
Draft 27″
Weight 3,650 lbs
Fuel Capacity 43 gals
Seating Capacity 11
Ballast 2,000 lbs (opt.)
Engine Supreme Power by GM Marine EX3 5.7L/1.72:1
Engine Warranty 5 Years

ABOUT SUPREME BOATS: The Supreme story begins with the World’s best waves, wakes and ride, but that is only the beginning. A Supreme boat is much more than World Championship performance. We are the only Affordable Premium Brand that resonate with water sports and boating enthusiasts, ranging from performance to functionality to quiet to details to relationships. The proof of Supreme Boats perfect ride is on the water with the 2018 S202, S224, S211, S238, S21, S226 mvpsupreme.wpengine.com

ABOUT CORRECT CRAFT: Celebrating 92 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida based company with global operations. The Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk, and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit correctcraft.com