A man in a wetsuit is kitesurfing on a Supreme boat.

Introducing the ‘Supreme Smile’

Smiles all around on the biggest wave on the lake.

MERCED, CA. (July 17, 2019) – As the summer kicks into full gear we see more and more happy faces around our dealerships. Those cheerful faces are no surprise, with Water Prove It To Me Demo Days and more opportunities to get behind a Supreme than ever before it’s no wonder that we see more and more ‘Supreme Smiles’ on full display. The ‘Supreme Smile’ was coined by a salesman from our Austin Dealership (Ski Dock) after seeing countless individuals glow with this sign of pure happy surprise, however, anyone that’s pulled a surfer behind a Supreme boat is sure to have seen it before. This Supreme-inspired fun facial expression can be sparked by several things, but perhaps its most frequent appearance comes when someone experiences their first time behind a boat.

When you get someone behind a Supreme wakesurfing for the first time they’ll typically end up right off the swim step, this is especially true for those who are used to surfing other brands. They’ll usually start with a furrowed brow as they glare down towards the wave trying to find their ‘sweet spot’, what they don’t yet realize is that they aren’t adjusted to the power and strength of a wave behind a Supreme. With a little extra coaching from inside the boat you’ll see as they gradually take the advice and drop back on the wave, applying more and more pressure to their back foot as they drift further away from the boat. When they reach the wave’s curl the coaching stops and the surfer looks up, a sense of awe washes over them as they realize how far back they are on the wave. That’s when you see it, the ‘Supreme Smile’. The ‘Supreme Smile’ is the universal sign of belief in the strength, surf, and spirit of a Supreme wave.

The ‘Supreme Smile’ can be seen at lakes across the world and helps to show the joy that a Supreme can bring for an afternoon, a summer, and a lifetime. Stay tuned over the next few months as we’ll be highlighting a few stories that encapsulate what the ‘Supreme Smile’ is all about. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Supreme or are just enjoying one for an afternoon, everyone can experience a ‘Supreme Smile’.

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