A Supreme boat sits on a lake at sunset.

Small but Mighty Supreme Boats 2020 S211 Embodies Surf, Strength and Spirit

Small but mighty, the S211 packs elite performance in it’s 21 ft frame

Merced, CA (October 18th, 2019) – It takes strength to stand up to the big guys. The 2020 S211 has the spirit of a scrapper, with the attitude of a much larger towboat, ultimately it delivers world class performance and accommodation at exceptional value. It may be small, but the S211 is exceedingly stylish both inside and out while the traditional modified v-bow offers big wide-bow comfort. The new F-Series Tower by Roswell gives it that forward thinking look as the wave-making deep-v hull creates premium performance. The 3000 lbs of available ballast complement the other strengths of this small, but mighty powerhouse of a boat. Built with strength and longevity in mind, and pushed by Crusader engines from PCM, the S211 offers extreme fun at an extreme value.

It’s the trinity of surf, strength and spirit that makes Supreme the most valuable towboat. Whether you are being pushed by the powerful surf wave, launching off the symmetrical wakeboard wakes or comfortably cruising the lake on a rough day, the Supreme S211 performs no matter your style. Built with our Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) and Unidbody Construction, the strength is felt from the moment you hit the water. Plus, the integrated design of the new F-Series Tower by Roswell expresses the spirit of sport with an updated new look. The modified deep-v running surfaces provide powerful waves and enhanced fun while the performance of the new 100% Freshwater Cooled Supreme GM Marine engines by PCM creates the quietest ride you’ll find no matter the water conditions.

If you’re looking for inspiration that challenges you to perform your best, look no further. The uniquely styled bow coupled with your personal custom color combination is enough to stir the spirit of your imagination. After all, Supreme IS surf, strength and spirit – the ultimate combination embodied in the Most Valuable Towboat (MVT). Let us show you the proof. Visit your local Supreme Boats dealer or schedule a test ride today.

2020 S211 Specs

  • General Specs
    • Length: 20’ 11″
    • Beam: 102”
    • Draft: 32”
    • Std Torque: 370 ft-lb
    • Max Torque: 565 ft-lb
    • Dry Weight: 4200lbs
    • Fuel Cap: 43 gal
    • Seating: 12
  • Ballast: 3000lbs Available
    • Std Sub-bow Tank: 250lbs
    • Std Sub-lounge Tanks: 750lbs
    • Optional Bow PNP Ballast: 500lbs
    • Optional Rear PNP Ballast: 1500lbs

About Supreme Boats: There is a growing movement of people embracing the Supreme life with the only affordable premium towboat on the market. With performance, style, simplicity and strength built to maximize fun on the water, Supreme Boats are the fastest growing surf and wake boat brand with industry-leading market share growth. Spend more time on the water doing what you love. It’s more fun to have fun. http://mvpsupreme.wpengine.com

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 94 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. Focused on “Making Life Better,” the Correct Craft family includes Nautique, Centurion, Supreme, Bass Cat, Yar-Craft, SeaArk, Parker, and Bryant boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, Watershed Innovation and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com.