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Supreme Boats Reveals the 2016 S238



Supreme Boats reveals the 2016 S238, a new flagship surf/ wake boat with room for 16 people, World Class performance, cool customizable style, functional simplicity and strong construction.

(Merced, CA) – The 2016 Supreme S238 is a 23-foot 8-inch wake and surfing towboat of World Class performance providing an extreme value. S238 performance begins with the wake-making Deep-v Hull, complimented by QuickFill Ballast, available Plug and Play Ballast and the optional QuickSurf System all pushed by GM Marine Crusader and PCM Engines with S-Force. This new model from Supreme Boats is supremely cool inside and out. Colors are customizable so each S238 has a unique style. The S5 Tower by Skylon adds another level of cool to the S238 along with simple but functional new overlock fold mechanism. Built with the goal of performance, strength and longevity; the Supreme S238 benefits from a host of premium materials and components as well as production processes. Find your nearest Supreme Boats Dealer to Surf Supreme, Wake Supreme and Reign Supreme behind a 2016 S238.


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World Class Waves & Wakes

The Deep-v Hull has an aggressive V that follows the length of the running surface to allow the S238 to sit deeper in the water and displace more water with less weight. With 1000 pounds of QuickFill Ballast that fills in a couple of minutes, a 300 pound center tank as well as available bow and stern Plug and Play ballast totaling 1825 pounds; the S238 can be weighted with as much as 3125 pounds of ballast right off the factory floor. Add QuickSurf to this equation and weighted completely even you can make an amazing wave on either side with the push of a button. But water sports performance is only the beginning of this story.


High Performance

The Deep-v Hull is the foundation of the S238’s wake performance, but the seamless integration of handling and power make it a World Class Towboat. This hull design also creates a better rough water ride by cutting through the chop with its acutely angled keel. With the perfect placement of the new large SmoothTrack Tracking Fin and an option of a second fin, the S238 stays straight even with a progressively cutting rider in tow. The 52 square inches of fin surface area also act as an amazing pivot point under the S238, significantly improving slow and high speed handling as well as navigating in reverse. Powered by GM Marine Crusader Engines from PCM, the S238 comes standard with the forceful EX3 engine, optimized by a 1.72 X 1 gear reduction and specific propping for instantaneous take-offs. You can upgrade to the GM Marine H5DI or H6DI by PCM with S-Force for even more pulling power. Supreme Force (S-Force) is torque optimized propping and gearing to fully utilize the extremely efficient power of a direct injection GM engine. With 5 years of warranty these engines provide as much piece of mind as they do mind-blowing performance.


Cool Style

You will be proud to be seen in this Supreme. The modified V-bow is wide, deep and welcoming yet follows a traditional style. Supreme’s new Skylon S5 Tower with patent-pending overlock adds to the style of the S238 with its forward sweeping lines. The tower also introduces a black wrinkle-coated element that is matched on exterior by a new fresh air vent and throughout the interior in by new grab handles. The body lines along the sides of the boat are stylishly subtle, but can be punched up to aggressive with gel coat scheme and color choices. From the dock you will notice the intricate gel coat pattern and stylized graphics. With the choice of two distinct gel coat schemes and 25 colors, including 12 available metal flakes, you can make the Supreme S238 uniquely you. The customizable cool spills into the interior with an abundance of available colored and textured Spradling vinyl accents throughout. Customize your dash with colored accents and stitching. The flooring options in the S238 range from the standard Friction Snap-out Mat to a Luxury Logo Carpet to the cool Supreme-branded non-skid flooring from Gator Step.


Functional Simplicity

The Supreme S238 is not complicated, but it is extremely functional. Rocker switches command the boat’s systems while monitored by analog gauges. Between the sure grip or the Gussie Italia Steering Wheel and the familiar feel of the throttle, the S238 is easy and comfortable to operate. The S5 Tower by Skylon is one of the most functional elements on the S238 with a easily operable fold mechanism. With a turn of the handle to disengage Skylon’s new patent pending overlock, the S5 tower can be folded by a single person. When it is time to go back out on the water the tower goes back up with the power of one and locks securely into place. There is no learning curve here and no needless complexity to prevent you from a full day on the water.


Strong Construction

The Supreme S238 benefits from high quality materials and production processes. Every Supreme boat comes with a tandem axle BoatMate Trailer equipped with disc brakes on both axles, aluminum wheels, LED lighting, swing tongue, stainless retractable transom straps, aluminum fender steps, winch and strap. Supreme interiors are covered in tough beautiful Spradling Marine Vinyl and sewn with incredibly strong GORE® TENARA® thread made by GORE-TEX®. The S238 interior is seamed with a combination of triple and double stitches that add to cool look of the interior while increasing the strength and longevity. The unibody construction approach Supreme uses to build their boats sends that strength and longevity through the roof. The Supreme hull, stringers, sub-floor, floor and deck are fused together with Plexus. Plexus changes the molecular structure of the fiberglass and makes two pieces one. Supreme also uses a reverse shoe-box design to join the deck and hull. These processes are where Supreme boats derive a lot of strength and quiet operation. This quiet is amplified by Supreme Sound Suppression Technology (SSST). A material laminated into the hull of the boat, SSST silences prop thrust vibration and water noise for a comfortable quiet ride.

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2016 Supreme S238 Specs
Length: 23′ 8″
Beam: 102″
Draft: 32″
Weight: 4800 lbs
Capacity: 16 people
Fuel Capacity: 64 gal
Ballast Capacity: 1300 lbs Standard + 1825 lbs Optional = 3125 lbs


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