A group of people on a Supreme boat in a lake.

Supreme Boats Visits Camp Sunshine Dreams

Annual sail day brings Supreme smiles to campers and volunteers alike.

HUNTINGTON LAKE, CA (AUGUST 2, 2019) – For the third consecutive year Supreme Boats was excited to visit Camp Sunshine Dreams for it’s annual Sail Day. Located at the remote Camp Keola facility at Huntington Lake, Camp Sunshine Dreams is designed to offer children with cancer, aged eight to fifteen, a camp experience as similar as possible to a typical summer camp. Campers interact with peers that have similar life experiences and challenges as they spend the days engaged in activities such as archery, field games, music, arts, crafts, and more. It’s free for all children who attend and is one of the first camps of its kind which allows siblings to join in on an enjoyable, stimulating, and supportive experience for all campers. For many kids this is one of their few opportunities to get out of the city and away from it all out in the picturesque mountains of California.

The camp’s annual sail day takes place on Friday serving as an exciting conclusion to the invaluable week of camp. This year’s sail day was filled with fun for all who joined as a fleet of Supremes ferried campers across the lake during the camp wide water fight. The kids enjoyed an afternoon zipping back and forth across the water battling for lake supremacy. Supreme Boats has enthusiastically been able to support sail day for the past three years giving kids a chance to get out on the water for a day of fun.

As stated by Stephanie Scharbach, Director of Camp Sunshine Dreams, “Every year we have a variety of activities for our campers to participate in. One of their favorite activities is Sail Day. All of our campers get the opportunity to ride on a boat at the same time. The campers have a massive water fight across the lake with the other boats from our camp. Our patients and siblings have the best time out on the lake. It is a day to forget about cancer and just have fun!”

Amy Mauzy, VP of Marketing for Supreme Boats said, “Our team had a blast interacting with campers at Camp Sunshine Dreams this year. We’re always excited when we get to support places like Camp Sunshine Dreams who truly make lives better. We hope to continue our involvement in sail day in the years to come.”

Camp Sunshine Dreams is free for children with cancer and their siblings. Donations can be made online at campsunshinedreams.com, where you can learn more about Camp Sunshine Dreams and how you can get involved.

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