A group of people posing in front of a Supreme boat.

Supreme Smiles: Greg Turns a Passion into a Career

A lifetime love of watersports fuels a passion to share the stoke with others.

Seattle, Washington (November 23, 2019) – Greg has a long history with boating. He’s been waterskiing for thirty years, wakeboarding for more than twenty, and wakesurfing for about fifteen, it’s safe to say he’s been all over the watersports world. When he was in high school Greg’s parents bought a boat for his family, it instantly became their favorite way to spend time together. Greg’s dad was a youth pastor back then and every year his local church would take over a hundred high schoolers and nearly ten boats to Eastern Washington for a week of boating and fun. That’s where a young Greg learned to waterski and where his lifelong love of watersports was born.

When asked why boating is something that he and his family enjoy, Greg said, “I love that it puts you in a situation where you’re in close quarters with people you care about, and without any distractions. In a sense you’re ‘trapped’ with each other in the middle of the lake, so it encourages you to have good conversations, to get along with your siblings, to get out behind the boat to do something active, and to get the platform to just goof off. My wife and I now have a sixteen-month-old boy (Jack), and we’re continuing that tradition by spending every second we can in our boat with each other, Jack’s grandparents, our dogs, and our friends to make those memories for him. I just got him a pair of trainer skis so I’m hoping to teach him to ski next summer, then it’s on to wakeboarding and wakesurfing after that!”

After Greg grew up and finished college, he transitioned to a job in the boating industry. In fact, when asked about his career history Greg commented, “I’ve based every job I’ve ever had on whether it would allow me more time in the water or not.” He started off at a pro-shop, then moved on to helping coordinate wakeboard contestants in the Northwestern United States. That experience sprung into a new business teaching wakeboard lessons at lakes and rivers across the northwest, a job that took Greg and his friends all around Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana in a tour bus towing a boat. We can only imagine the sight that towing rig must have been! Since 2003 Greg has owned over 15 boats and these days Greg spends his summers teaching wakeboard and wakesurf lessons on Lake Washington on a Supreme ZS232 for his company Northwest Riders. While discussing his day job Greg noted, “It’s been the most fun career I could have ever imagined, and it just keeps getting better. I have been so insanely blessed to have the opportunity to call spending my day in a boat a ‘job’, and the ZS232 is the greatest office I could ask for.”

Greg started Northwest Riders in 2004 initially as a way to pay for his travel and boat fuel. It started with t-shirts sold out of the trunk of his car, but the project soon turned into a mobile storefront that would pop up at snowboard contests, mountain bike races, skate parks, motocross races, surf contests, kiteboard events, ant the like. With so much to do outdoors in the northwest the brand became a way to celebrate all different types of hobbies that connect riders with similar passions. In 2019 Northwest Riders now has two different segments, the clothing brand and watersports lessons. Every summer in just four months Greg and his team put up to 450 engine hours on their Supreme Boats while sharing the stoke with nearly 5,000 people.

Speaking of Supreme Greg became acquainted with the brand after working with Lynnwood Motoplex in 2016. They asked Greg to come out and test ride the S238 and he instantly fell in love with the boats layout. For his business Greg purchases all his boats, so ultimately the boat has to make sense for a variety of different factors including performance, quality, and cost. After experiencing the wave for himself Greg said, “The S238 delivered in every way imaginable! The surf wave was great, the boat was beautiful and has an awesome layout, and the price was definitely the best value out there.” When the ZS232 was introduced Greg decided to give it a shot and was floored with the results.

When asked about the ZS232 Greg stated, “The value and versatility of the ZS232 is unlike anything else on the market. The surf wave is unbelievable! I constantly have clients out who have spent a lot more money on their boats and are instantly jealous of the wave our boat puts out. Wakeboarding is still my oldest passion, and the wakeboard wake on this boat is SO good, it’s big, it’s clean, it’s symmetrical, and it’s got a very smooth transition. But ultimately when I’m buying a boat, I’m going to be selfish and make sure it’s something I want to be driving all day. We run lessons 6 days per week and oftentimes for 14 hours per day, so my staff and I spend A LOT of time sitting in the driver’s seat. The ZS232 is so easy to drive. It handles rough water so well (and Lake WA can see some big water with all the 80+ foot yachts cruising around) that we can end a 14-hour day feeling relaxed instead of beat up. The interior of the boat is so beautiful and well thought out too. The materials hold up extremely well, the layout is comfortable, and above all else, the surf wave is insanely easy to set up. We’re running stock ballast and still have easily the best wave on the lake, and it’s not something we have to worry about constantly tweaking. We fill the ballast, hit the QuickSurf button, and go. That’s it. It gives us the time to focus on our client and to enjoy our time on the water instead of constantly looking at the dash and trying to figure out how to make the wave better. It’s already perfect.” Since purchasing their first S238, Northwest Riders has had another three S238 models, two ZS232‘s, and have two more ZS232’s on order for next summer.

About Supreme Smiles: When you get someone behind a Supreme wake surfing for the first time they’ll typically end up right off the swim step, this is especially true for those who are used to surfing other brands. They’ll usually glare down towards the wave trying to find their ‘sweet spot’, what they don’t yet realize is that they aren’t adjusted to the power and strength of a wave behind a Supreme. As they gradually drop back on the wave the surfer looks up as they realize how far back they truly are, that’s when you see it, the ‘Supreme Smile’. The ‘Supreme Smile’ is recognized by anyone that’s pulled a surfer behind a Supreme boat before and is the universal sign of belief in the most valuable towboat.

About Supreme Boats: As a Correct Craft Company, Supreme Boats embodies core values with a focus on making lives better. We do that through the surf, strength and spirit of the most valuable towboat. We want to improve your life and help you create memorable experiences. From the look on the faces of boat owners and passengers to the sheer exhilaration of the riders behind the boat. Supreme boats are designed to evoke that spirit of unbridled enjoyment that invited you to truly enjoy this ride you are on, making your life and the lives all you encounter better. http://mvpsupreme.wpengine.com

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