Three people, likely from the Gilmore family, wearing Supreme Boats hats sit together on a boat in open water. Two women in pink and black tops are flanked by a man in a black shirt and blue shorts. A wakeboard rests in front of them, hinting at their Lake Havasu adventure.

Supreme Surprise: Gilmore Family’s Lake Havasu Adventure Saved

In the world of boating, camaraderie and community often ripple beneath the surface. At Supreme Boats, through our initiative, ‘We Wake Waves,’ we aim to inspire and create impactful change. The Gilmore family, who have been proud owners of not one, but two Supreme boats, found themselves at the heart of such a tale when a hiccup threatened to put a damper on their long-awaited Lake Havasu vacation.

Lee Gilmore, the matriarch of the family and a dedicated Supreme aficionado, had her sights set on a memorable journey with her loved ones. But fate, it seemed, had other plans. A glitch in their beloved S240’s engine threatened to dash their dreams just days before they were set to embark on their adventure.

Enter Brian Benson at Lynnwood Motoplex, with whom the Gilmores have had a steadfast relationship since 2016. This wasn’t the first time the Gilmores had leaned on Lynnwood Motoplex for support. After a devastating fire claimed their 2019 ZS232 in May of 2023, Lynnwood Motoplex stood by their side, guiding them through the maze of insurance claims. Eventually, the Seattle Area Centurion and Supreme dealer welcomed the Gilmore family into the Supreme family once again with the purchase of their 2024 S240 in October of the same year.

As the Gilmores geared up for their trip to Havasu, the unexpected engine issue reared its head, threatening to put their plans on hold. But where there’s a will, there’s a wake — and Lynnwood Motoplex and the Supreme Boats team was determined to ensure the Gilmores didn’t miss out on their well-deserved vacation where they would be reuniting with their daughter who is studying at Arizona State University.

With a stroke of luck and the power of connections, Lynnwood Motoplex reached out to Supreme Boats, inquiring if there was anything at the factory that could save the day. Lo and behold, there it was — hope in the form of a 2024 Supreme ZS232. With hearts full of gratitude and excitement, the Gilmores set their GPS to Merced, California, picking up the demo boat on their journey to Havasu.

For the Gilmore family, their vacation to Lake Havasu was nothing short of Supreme.

“I absolutely love the Supreme brand,” Lee Gilmore shared, her passion for the product evident in every word. “Our relationship with our dealer and the Supreme factory has been phenomenal. We are so incredibly happy with the product.”

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