A family with a boat and a surfboard walks down a dock.

Supreme’s Boat Launch Check List

A day on the water is intended to be fun and relaxing. Taking the time to get things organized and prepared before hitting the water can save you time, keep you safe, and make your time on the water more enjoyable. We have organized a basic checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials while getting your boat to the water!

Before heading to the ramp check the following:

    • Registration and insurance are up to date on boat and trailer
    • Boat is tied down on the trailer
    • Bimini is wrapped up for the road
    • Boat cover is secured for the road
    • Keys are in the boat
    • Boat is Fueled
    • See if the weather is suitable for your boating activities
    • Safety Equipment is loaded and accessible
      • Safety requirements vary by state but a few standard safety items would include, at least one Cost Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device (CGA PFD) per person, Fire Extinguisher, some sort of distress signal such as a whistle or blow horn, a paddle, and an orange flag to signal a rider in the water.

Often times boat launches can be busy and it is always good boat etiquette to have your boat 100% loaded and ready before getting in line at the boat launch.

Before you pull the boat around to the launch check the following: 

    • All drain plugs are secured
    • Batteries are switched on
    • Rear trailer straps disconnected
    • Riding gear and toys are loaded
    • Cooler is packed (plenty of water and snacks)
    • Sunscreen is packed
    • Trash bag or garbage can on board
    • Dock lines and buoys are out if needed
    • Boat cover is completely removed and stored in the boat or truck
    • Identify wind direction and how that will effect the launching process

Hopefully this short checklist can help you stay safe, and make your boating experience more enjoyable! Following these steps will help ensure you enjoy your ride.

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