Woman walking down boat ramp to a Supreme boat

The 2023 Waterproof Tour

We are proving the performance of Centurion & Supreme boats on the water, but the 2023 Water Proof Tour Experience goes well beyond that.

Our network of dealers are taking this opportunity to prove Centurion and Supreme boats are truly the Evolution of the Wake Boat and the Most Valuable Towboat (MVT), but we are proving much more than that. We are proving to first-time boat buyers that a life of water sports enjoyment is worth the investment. We are proving to first-time water sports boat buyers that wake surfing and wakeboarding are fun, accessible, and engaging for their family.

We are proving to water sports boat buyers considering a new purchase that Centurion and/ or Supreme boats belong on their short list. We are proving to new Centurion and Supreme boat owners that they have made the right decision by helping them learn to use their boat better as well as progress their water sports’ skill.

Finally we are proving that in spite of current economic fears, there are amazing incentives and opportunities to buy now. All of this proof is on the water in and behind a Centurion boat. Sign-up for a personalized Water Proof Tour Experience near you and let us prove it to you.