You have options and they’re all good. Powered by GM Marine Crusader Engines from PCM, Supreme boats come standard with the forceful EX3 engine, optimized by a 1.72 X 1 gear reduction and specific propping for instantaneous take-offs. You can upgrade to the 409 horse power 410 foot pounds of torque GM Marine L96 or H6DI by PCM with S-Force for even more pulling power. Supreme Force (S-Force) is torque optimized propping and gearing to fully utilize the extremely efficient power of a direct injection GM engine. With 5 years of warranty, these engines provide as much peace of mind as they do mind-blowing performance.



Pleasurecraft Engine Group’s exclusive, patented CATANIUM® Clean Emission System (CES) is advanced catalyst technology. CATANIUM® CES, greatly reduces harmful emissions and dangerous carbon monoxide, creating a cleaner, safer marine environment. Utilizing the latest engine management technology, CATANIUM® CES equipped engines are clean and more powerful than ever.


Challenger knows that proper cooling is the heart of engine durability. Years of experience have led to our modular raw water pump, which was specially designed by Pleasurecraft Engine Group for the water sports applications. The large, stainless steel pump is an integral part of the engine, driven by the auto-tensioning serpentine belt. The extra-large impeller is a snap to service.


Electronic fuel injection (EFI) provides improved drive-ability, efficiency and performance. Today’s high performance EFI engines require the utmost in fuel delivery systems. Constant fuel flow to the injectors must be guaranteed, regardless of how choppy the water can get or how tight the turn. Therefore, the marine engineer is challenged to find a way to ensure fuel flow without the need for a specially designed fuel tank or other apparatus.


When it comes to buyer protection, no other manufacturer in the industry can compare to Pleasurecraft Engine Group. We offer the strongest, longest factory warranty available anywhere – at no extra charge. Challenger’s plan is a true factory warranty, and it’s transferable from the first owner to the next. Warranty work and services can be found at over 900 locations cross-country and we are proud of our record of immediate parts delivery and impeccable customer service.


When it comes to smooth, vibration-free performance in an inboard boat, nothing is more important than the engine mounting system. While stern-drives and outboards use the transom to convey the power to the boat, center-mounted inboards rely on the rear mounts to absorb the energy from the propeller and propel the boat forward. Therefore, an inboard engine manufacturer’s first engineering concern is to design a strong and efficient mounting system.


For the skiboat application, the PCM Power Plus is a revolutionary innovation that sets the standard for inboard transmission design. The Power Plus features Unique G-Rotor hydraulic pump for smooth, efficient shifting. Aircraft aluminum for the lightest, most durable transmissions. A compact, lightweight design to maximize performance. Unique 9 degree down angle allows engine to sit level in the boat for improved efficiency.

The Power Plus Vee Wake

Today’s sport-specific wakeboard boats are too far advanced to rely on V-Drives that were invented decades ago for the cruiser and offshore markets. Those designs are too big, too loud and just plain too old. Challenger is the first manufacturer to design a V-Drive propulsion system specifically for unique demands of the wakeboard boat.


Thanks to Challenger’s engine management system and multi-port fuel injection, conventional tune-ups are a thing of the past. Many aspects of our design lend themselves to ease of maintenance on your Challenger engine. Remote oil filter and exclusive modular raw water pump design make routine maintenance the easiest in the industry.


All Challenger engines come standard with a 100 amp alternator to handle today’s heavy electrical load. Our High Amp Alternators can put out up to 40% more electrical output than is available from the competition.


Challenger also provides Digital Throttle Control (DTC) as a standard feature on every Challenger EFI engine. DTC provides smooth, instantaneous and constant throttle response throughout the RPM range and it interfaces electronically with optional speed control devices for an integrated electronic system.


Owners of new Challenger inboards automatically become members of the Pleasurecraft Water Sports Club when they register their engines, an exclusive program that provides a level of customer service not found elsewhere in the industry. Club members have exclusive toll-free access to the “Club Concierge,” a special customer service representative who can make sure parts and service needs are met through the nearest qualified Challenger dealer.