Our Vacuum-infused unibody construction provides exceptional strength plus smooth rides

Strength is kind of a super power for our boats because it’s created from the inside out through the combination of the vacuum infusion production process and the unibody construction. The strength and consistency of this boat build eliminates the possibility of air voids that can create breaches in the boat, while also quieting the type of rattles caused by mechanical fasteners and reverberation of water noise or prop-thrust vibration.

Strong Parts
Red Supreme ZS212 speeding across lake

Strength is our super power because it's built from the inside out.

The precise contraction of the chassis of the boat provides a balanced vibration-free mounting point for the efficient Supreme Power by GM Marine marinized by PCM. Supreme boats are as quiet and strong as they are high performing.

Take a test ride and find out first-hand why we call strength our super power.

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