Experiencing the transformative power of water sports as two jet skis navigate the night near a power plant.

A Supreme Family Faces Cancer with Courage and a Love for The Water

Supreme Boats we believe in the transformative power of water sports, and are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those facing adversity. Our purpose is not just to build better boats, but also to make the lives of our customers better, and we take that very seriously.

The Patrick family near Hyco Lake, North Carolina, perfectly illustrates the spirit of hope and positive change. Brandon and Stacy Patrick faced the unimaginable when Stacy was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 38. Amidst the fear and uncertainty, they found solace in their shared passion for the water and transformed their pain into a beacon of inspiration for others.

Brandon is the owner of our partner dealership NC Marine Sales. After hearing the news, he channeled his emotions into building a new Supreme craft, customizing a unique – and greatly inspired – boat that would stand as a symbol of hope. The resulting vibrant, pink vessel, adorned with ribbons and messages of positivity, became a statement for breast cancer survivors everywhere and a testament to Stacy’s unwavering spirit. He and his family use it actively as a platform to support others facing similar challenges.Stacy’s journey was far from easy. From lumpectomy to radiation, she fought with the unwavering support of her family and community. The ordeal ignited a fire within them, leading them to establish a fleet dedicated to bringing joy and hope to those navigating their own storms.

A woman courageously sitting in the driver's seat of a pink boat, bravely facing cancer with her centurion family.

The Patricks’ dedication extends far beyond the freeboards of their pink boats. They dedicate their time to fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children through their partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Veterans, first responders, cancer patients, children in group homes – all find solace and a sense of community aboard their vessels.

Making Waves Together

The Patricks’ story is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, hope can be found in the shared joy and passion for water sports. Their commitment to uplifting others inspires all of us to face our own challenges with courage and kindness. When life gives you lemons, there is always strength and hope to be found on the water.