Paul Singer on the cover of Supreme Boats industry magazine.


MERCED, CA (September 28, 2021) – In the October issue of Boating Industry Magazine, Paul Singer was named the 2021 Mover and Shaker of the Year.

People often believe culture is just “feel good stuff” that doesn’t make you more money and more considered as a hassle, but Paul Singer doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as essential to success and is often the reasons why companies in the industry fail. He attributes the company’s success to environment and culture and champions that within Centurion & Supreme and throughout the industry.

Paul fully embraced the mission of “Building Boats to the Glory of God”. The team has weekly Bible studies and gives lunch where that Paul will lead, or he will have other team members share what they are learning. He also brings in a pastor for encouragement. Centurion & Supreme dives headfirst into philanthropy, having a huge impact on their community. They undertook regular community service projects and led a team of 105 Correct Craft employees who rebuilt a local community center. Centurion & Supreme employees travelled to both Jamaica and Haiti serving others. They demonstrated their support for first responders with their Salute to Service focus. Giving back became a core value. There is no question that employees respond positively to a higher mission and the results at Centurion & Supreme clearly prove that.

Paul eats breakfast with new hires and shares the company culture with them. He gives them a book called Monday Morning Choices for them to read as they begin on their new team. Even amongst the two locations and 230 employees the team has, he desires to know them individually and their families on a personal level. He does that by currently spending nearly 50% of his time in both California and Georgia locations. Paul wants to care and know everyone beyond who they are at work. That’s how deeply he does mentorship.

Vanessa Quinones HR Director for Centurion & Supreme Boats stated, “Any conversation you have with Paul he is always engaged. No matter what he has on his desk, or all the other million things he has on his plate, he makes you feel important. He sees the positive in people and desires for each individual to achieve greatness. Paul has a keen sense in knowing personality types and keeps that in mind when he is working with all of us. Even in the toughest times, he somehow finds a way to make his team laugh with a positive energy.”

The above just scratches the surface of the culture Paul developed at Centurion and Supreme and, the results have been astonishing. Financially, the company is now able to pay more annually in bonuses, to every employee, than the entire company made for several years before Paul arrived. The company had to make 10% profitability to get bonuses. Paul was so transparent with the team on the production floor, in hallways, and companywide meetings he would say, “Where do we have to be?” and any employee could speak back to you “10%!” Everyone knew the goal and Paul gained their trust by transparency and delivery. Centurion & Supreme went from $50,000 in profit to giving out a million dollars in incentives this past year. Since 2016 Paul’s leadership and dedication to culture has increased revenue by 67% and is projected to have the best year on record for 2021.

Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft stated, “Most people that know Paul would do just about anything for him because how he has made their lives better. Paul will be the first to insist that the transformation at Centurion & Supreme was not just him, it was a spectacular team effort. It is amazing what a team can do when they focus on culture.” Yeargin added, “It is an honor not only have Paul as the leader of Centurion & Supreme but also as a friend. Well deserved, Paul.”

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