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SUPREME BOATS INTRODUCES 25-FOOT 2-INCH ZS252 New Supreme model outgrows entry class.

Valdosta, Georgia (October 8, 2021) –Supreme saved the best for last in a year full of huge growth for the most valuable tow boat brand. This Correct Craft company explains the release of the longest wake surf boat in the entry class as simply saving the best for next. The next big thing is truly the 2022 Supreme ZS252.


The new 2022 Supreme ZS252 is launching Supreme over “entry level” to next level premium wake boating. Supreme Boats has combined 25 feet 2 inches of EZ-V running surface, comforting accommodations for a literal “boat load” of passengers and as much as 5100 pounds of available ballast from the factory to create the most valuable tow boat ever. The ZS252 was not built bigger just for the purpose of creating the largest value class wake boat on the market. Supreme Boats set out to create a large passenger-welcoming water sports boat with the surf performance, wakeboard wakes and rough water ride of premium segment offerings without the premium price. Mission accomplished!


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Supreme began the year by opening a new 160,000 square-foot factory in Valdosta, GA followed by a complete brand redesign of Supreme Boats and most recently the introduction of two new hull-up creations of innovated wake surf boat models with the S220 and S240. As a Correct Craft Company, Supreme Boats is always working toward continuous improvement with market-driving product. They are ending 2021 by busting-out of the confines of the entry class with the introduction of ZS252.

The 2022 Supreme ZS252 has not only transcended all entry level wake boats, it has taken performance to the next level. The modified deep-v hull design of this new ZS Series boat has been innovated to provide easy off-the-line wake surf performance that can be dialed-up to professional level with the additional displacement of as much as 5100 pounds of available ballast evenly distributed in six individually controlled locations. Engage the optional Supreme QuickSurf System and tune the Stinger Wake Plate to create a wave longer than the boat itself that can be symmetrically switched from regular to goofy in a couple seconds. Speaking of symmetry, when QuickSurf is touched off, the wakeboard wake is revealed with launch ramps that appear to be mirror images of one another. The more ballast filled, the rampier they get. They call it the Supreme EZ-V Hull because it can grow with your riding skills from easy to “the Zone”, but the ZS252 isn’t just about the ride behind the boat.


ZS252 interior in the studio   ZS252 interior seats


You might expect a decent rough water ride from a boat this long. Get ready to wave bye bye to those expectations because they have moved way beyond “decent” to truly “supreme!” 25-feet 2-inches of modified deep-v running surface holds an edge over the competition. This EZ-V bottom begins with more than 30 degrees of V beneath the bow and loses only 10 degrees moving towards the transom, maintaining 20 degrees of deadrise at the back of the boat.  This means the sharp running surface runs the length of the ZS252 and slices through the rough water, dissipating the shock often felt in a typical towboat on a rough day. The superior ride Supreme offers isn’t just about stability.

The lift and balance built into the hull allows it to run level, creating little resistance in the water to harness the power of the GM Marine Engine, marinized by Pleasurecraft Engine Group and freshwater cooled. The effortless propulsion of the ZS252 EZ-V Hull creates that smooth ride, but also provides the added benefit of silence. The engine does not have to work hard to push this new 25+ foot Supreme ZS through the water and you can hear the result of this performance in the quiet. Add the new available Silent Stinger Wake Plate to your ZS252 and take the decibel level down to 86.5 db, the noise level of a kitchen dishwasher. The 2022 Supreme ZS252 gives new meaning to “strong silent type.”



The ZS252 can get loud, when the time is right. With WetSounds, Supreme sounds amazing right off the factory line, but as a custom towboat builder, Supreme gives you the opportunity to customize your sound. Upgrade to the Champ or Hero Sound Systems from WetSounds. The Hero package offers four custom enclosed 10-inch WetSound horns on the SST or F-Series with six 8-inch WetSounds interior speakers and two 12-inch Subwoofers.  All of this super sound is controlled through the 7” OmniTouch Screen with integrated ICE stereo controls.

The inside comfort of the ZS252 isn’t only pleasing to the ears. The interior beauty of this new Supreme is a pleasure to look at. Choose to accent the ZS252 interior with Outside the Box (OTB) textured Comfort Strong vinyl from Spradling or cover the entire inside with this unique look available in 10 colors in any of the three vinyl areas. You will also be floored by the GatorStep flooring options in a Supreme. Choose from five different designs including a 2-layer Supreme Cut and Salute to Service Cut with 15 GatorStep colors available on each layer as well as a woodgrain laser texture on the S2S design.

This new Supreme can accommodate a literal boat-load of passengers with seating and storage. There is room for all your family and friends in this Supreme. The seating can also be customized with the optional 4-position Slide Seat, available reversible lean backs and table. Nearly every lounge seat in this new 25+ foot Supreme covers a storage area. Lounge storage accepts a wide range of gear thanks to this model’s increased freeboard and tucked-away subfloor ballast. This storage is easily accessible with Removable Pin Seat Hinges on some lounge seats. Optimize the ZS252 lounge for the best view of the action behind the boat with the Flip-up Stadium Seats on the port and/ or starboard side as an option. The ZS252 also has specific storage areas designed to be conveniently accessed and utilized. The ZS252’s rear sun pad shrouds storage above and around the engine as well as two wet/ dry storage areas accessible from the swim step secured with slam latches. This big ZS has an in-floor ice chest enclosure between the drive and observer seats. The huge observer storage area is accessible from the ob seat as well as from the bow.


ZS252 key   ZS252 closeup of dash


The exterior of the ZS252 looks familiar, after all it is a ZS. It has that same aggressive sheer line that makes a Z on one side of the boat and an S on the other. It has that performance rake with a sharp wide bow and a tall transom. The 2022 Supreme ZS252 looks like a much longer version of the 232 with same Zeus swagger. The new Supreme Shine Tower (SST) adds a USA-made stainless-steel cherry on top of the ZS252. Upgrade to the F-Series Tower by Roswell and choose optional color-matched tower shields. You can choose from 31 different colors on the ZS252 in a Sharp or Core gel coat scheme. Your 2022 Supreme ZS252 can be completely customized.

Contact your local Supreme Boats dealer today and custom order your 2022 ZS252 so you can surf, wake and ride Supreme with the most valuable towboat.



About Supreme Boats: Supreme Boats embraces the core values set forth by Correct Craft in their mandate to “Make Lives Better.” We do that through the surf wake and ride of the towboats we make in Valdosta, GA to help you create joyful experiences and lifelong memories. We also do that through our many programs to help people from all walks of life get on the water. Our success is measured not just in sales and satisfied customers, but also in the smiles we create. Let us make your life better with Supreme.

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