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The 2024 Supreme ZS232: The Ultimate Entry-Level Wake Surf Boat

The 2024 Supreme ZS232 is for buyers who want the best value.

Valdosta, GA — 07/20/2023 – The 2024 Supreme ZS232, known as “Zeus”, is the pinnacle wake surf boat for buyers who want the best of both worlds: performance and affordability. With its long, poppy waves and symmetrical wakes, the ZS232 is will exceed expectations for even the most experienced wake surfers.

Distinctive Design

This 32-foot, 2-inch icon is undoubtedly the most striking model in the Supreme lineup, boasting a sleek, wide bow that elegantly narrows towards an elevated transom. The design imparts a dragster-like contour, projecting an aura of high-performance prowess even when viewed from a distance. While the ZS Series’ distinctive aesthetic is instantly recognizable, every element of Zeus serves a purpose that extends beyond its visual allure. The meticulously crafted bow and transom are -thoughtfully optimized to effectively thwart any incoming waves, whether from the front or rear.

The ZS232 is adorned with the distinguished Supreme Shine Tower (SST), meticulously fashioned from stainless steel right here in the USA. For those seeking further refinement, the optional F-Series Tower by Roswell offers an opportunity to enhance the ZS232’s appearance, available in sleek black or white finishes, with the added option of custom-colored tower accents.

Unparalleled Performance

The ZS232 is powered by a 4900-pound ballast system that can be distributed evenly throughout the boat, creating a wave that is both long and consistent. The boat also features Staggered Chine Stabilization (SCS), which helps to create a symmetrical wave by balancing the asymmetrical pitch of the boat. This, combined with the tapered-V hull and the available QuickSurf System, makes the ZS232 the perfect boat for creating perfect waves for wake surfing.

In addition to its performance features, the ZS232 also offers a comfortable and spacious interior that can accommodate up to 14 people. The boat also comes standard with a new Battery Management System (BMS) with a PDM breaker panel mounted in the glove box. This system allows you to truly isolate house power consumption for lighting, stereo, touch screen and power outlets from engine power needs.

Killer Features

The Supreme ZS232 is a custom-built towboat, even at an extreme value. Not only do you have the ability to choose among 31 different gel coat colors in two very distinct schemes, you can also customize your GatorStep non-skid flooring with two-layer Supreme or Salute to Service design, where each layer has 15 different color options.

The ZS232 comes standard with the new Back Bone Eco Stereo System from Wet Sounds. This black box system sports a touch screen stereo face in the glove box as well as access to stereo controls through the Omni Touch Screen in the dash and an available Driver’s Side Remote with volume knob.

Experience the Supreme ZS232 Difference:

The 2024 Supreme ZS232 is for performance-minded buyers who want the best value. If you’re looking for the Ultimate Entry-Level Wake Surf Boat, The 2024 Supreme ZS232 is the perfect choice. Visit your local Supreme dealer to take it for a test drive.


  • LENGTH: 23’2″
  • DRAFT: 36″
  • DRY WEIGHT: 5450 LBS
  • BEAM: 102″
  • BALLAST: 4900 LBS


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