ZS252 wake boat pulling wake surfer

Unleashing the 2024 Supreme ZS252: The Ultimate Breakthrough in Value-Class Wake Boats

Valdosta, GA — 08/22/2023 – Supreme has gone “Incredible Hulk” on entry level water sport boats, smashing the category with its 25-foot 2-inches of length. The reinvigorated ZS252 has an EZ-V running surface, huge accommodations for a “boat load” of passengers, and as much as 5100 pounds of available ballast – truly a breakthrough in value-class wake boats.

The ZS252 is intended not only to bust loose a large, crowd-welcoming layout and breakthrough surf performance, but also to provide the best wakes and waves in the entry-level segment without a premium price. Let’s look at how the ZS252 smashed this goal!

Unmatched Performance and Size

Prepare to be astonished by the sheer power and size of the Supreme ZS252 wake boat. Boasting an impressive 25 feet and 2 inches in length, this vessel stands as a testament to Supreme’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

A Surfing Sensation

Built on Supreme’s versatile EZ-V Hull, the 25 feet of length let you move quickly into “the zone” with invigorating, surfable waves. 5100 pounds of ballast provide agile displacement for surfing pros and wakeboarder alike. The Stinger Wake Plate or optional Silent Stinger and available QuickSurf achieve superhuman waves right off the mark.

Interior Comfort and Functionality

Beyond its striking exterior, the ZS252’s interior offers both beauty and practicality. With customizable seating arrangements, including a slide seat, reversible lean backs, and a table, accommodating up to 17 passengers becomes a seamless endeavor. Accessible storage areas with hinged lounge seating ensure convenience for both passengers and their belongings.

Raw Power and Efficiency

The ZS252 harnesses the raw power of the GM Marine 6-liter HP 450 engine with a staggering 450 ft/lb of torque. This engine, coupled with a 1.72 to 1 gear reduction, propels the 25-foot ZS252 onto plane in under 6 seconds, even with added weight. In other words, you can unleash the beast within without any lag time.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The ZS252’s  revolutionary Battery Management System (BMS) features a PDM breaker panel. This system isolates house power consumption from engine power needs, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Accessible in the glove box, the BMS enhances serviceability, empowering technicians and boat owners to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly.

Design and Customization

Supreme’s dedication to perfection extends beyond performance, allowing you to tailor your ZS252 to match your unique style. Choose from 31 stunning gel coat colors and two distinct schemes, while also personalizing your GatorStep non-skid flooring with 2-layer Supreme or Salute to Service designs, featuring a spectrum of 15 color options.

Audio Excellence

The ZS252 offers an unparalleled audio experience with the 2024 ZS252’s Back Bone Eco Stereo System by Wet Sounds. With a touchscreen stereo face in the glovebox, Omni Touch Screen controls on the dash, and an optional Driver’s Side Remote with a volume knob, immerse yourself in sound as you navigate the waters.

The ZS252 is truly incredible as the largest value-class wake boat on the market. Don’t just take our word for it—experience the extraordinary capabilities of the 2024 Supreme ZS252 for yourself. 

Wake your Inner athlete and schedule a test ride today. Witness the groundbreaking surf performance, customization options, and unbeatable value that the ZS252 brings to the world of wake boats. 

LENGTH: 25’2″
DRAFT: 36″
BEAM: 102″

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