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2022 S220 Brings the Meaning of Surf, Wake, Ride to Life


Valdosta, GA (August 1, 2022) – The introduction of the new S-Series is reshaping the Supreme Boats brand and propelling it even further ahead of the “value class”. The reason we dubbed it the S-Series is because these two new models are all about surf, style, and superior value. The S220 is quite literally supreme. This 22-foot water sports boat accommodates as many as 14 people in style. Not style that is pretty good for a value-class boat, but style that rivals any premium luxury towboat on the market. The interior is wrapped in Comfort Strong  Marine Vinyl by Spradling that has the strength of a 17-mil top and is sewn together with indestructible Gore Tenera Thread by GORTEX. Available in 12 colors and two upholstery schemes, the S220 interior looks and feels high-end because it is. When it’s your turn behind the S220, the surfing will take your idea of this Supreme to legendary proportions.

The EZ-V Hull design, as much as 4400 pounds of ballast in six independently pumped ballast locations, the Stinger Wake Plate and the available QuickSurf System will help you easily achieve a monumental wave out of the box with plenty of performance left over to grow with your skill level. Even spectators outside the boat will become believers after witnessing the surfing and wakeboarding superiority of the S220, but they have been staring since it was docked. With two gel coat schemes, 31 colors to choose from, the new Supreme Shine stainless steel tower (SST) or upgraded F-Series Tower by Roswell with gel coat color-matched tower shields, substantial freeboard as well as the perfect combination of hard lines and refined surfaces, the S220 commands every eye at first sight. The new Supreme S220 is the mythical combination of surf wake and ride that you have to experience to believe.


With an available 4400 pounds of ballast available in the 2022 Supreme S220 in as many as six different individually pumped locations distributed evenly throughout the boat.


Go from easy to “the zone” behind Supreme’s new EZ-V hull under the S220. Supreme’s EZ-V Hull Design is even better than an easy button on the water because it easily gets you started, but can take you all the way to “the zone”. The EZ-V Hull displaces water to create a surf-able wave right off the trailer. Fill as much as 4400 pounds of ballast and the surf wave will get even a professional into the zone. The same can be said for wakeboarding. Take an easy pull at slower speeds or launch into “the zone” off of symmetrical ramps of world class proportion. The easy ride of EZ-V Hull shows itself even in the roughest of water conditions. The EZ-V even makes slow speed handling effortless with the responsiveness of that deep-v keel that goes exactly where you tell it to. Even if you’re directing the boat back onto the trailer, the EZ-V Hull makes you look like you’re in “the zone” and makes loading the boat on trailer easy.

Supreme is a custom boat manufacturer. That means we don’t build the boat until it is ordered by you. And there are a lot of ways you can make your Supreme all you, with two gel coat schemes, 31 gel coat colors, 2 upholstery schemes, 12 vinyl colors, 3 large brand badge choices, two tower choices in two different colors along with a boat load of other options. Make your Supreme all you!


Make no mistake, these water sports boats are designed and built to help you ride your surf wave like a Supreme ruler! It starts at the water level with a modified deep-v that was created to displace more water with less ballast weight. Yet, the S220 is available with as much as 4400 pounds of ballast from the factory distributed evenly throughout the boat for a low bow rise smooth ride and to displace the entire running surface. This creates an extremely long wave with consistent push from face to curl. Whether you like to surf 20 feet behind the boat or right off the swim platform the Supreme S220 wave has a sweet spot just for you. The available QuickSurf System creates lift opposite the surf side, displacing the surf corner to form the wave. Thanks to the evenly distributed 6-position ballast and the high speed Lenco rams that power QuickSurf, that wave can be transferred or mirrored on the opposite side in 1.8 seconds. Also with Supreme you are not locked-in to one wave style. With the combination of the Stinger Wake Plate or the new Silent Stinger option, QuickSurf, 6-location ballast settings and ZerOff Speed Control, you have unbelievable control over the height, length and shape of the surf wave. Out of the box, the S220 wave is incredible and easy to create, but through the amazing adjustability the boats surf performance can grow with your surfing skill.


S220 Boat Specs:

Length: 22′

Draft: 36″

Beam: 102″

Weight: 5400 lbs

Weight on Trailer: 6900 lbs

Seating Capacity: 14

Fuel Capacity: 70 gal

Standard Torque: 409 ft/lb

Max Torque: 465 ft/lb

Ballast: 4400lbs




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