A young man wearing a black t-shirt and hat representing Supreme.

Connor Burns

Surf  |  4x Wakesurf World Champion






Phoenix, AZ

Back in the summer of 2016, Connor was introduced to wakesurfing by a friend who owned a wakesurf boat, Connor’s enthusiasm grew to the point where he and his friends decided to acquire their own boat, which they moored at Scorpion Bay Marina. Connor’s dedication and talent led him to compete in wakesurfing competitions, where he achieved remarkable success. In his debut year, he clinched the Amateur World Championships, propelling him directly into the professional ranks. Remarkably, he recently secured his fourth consecutive victory at the professional world championships. The sport has become an integral part of Connor’s life, and he cannot fathom a world without wakesurfing. Centurion/Supreme Boats and Kanuk Board Co. proudly sponsor him, with his preferred board being the 4’5 Burnsy Pro, which has emerged as Kanuk’s best-selling model. Connor’s ultimate aspiration is to actively promote the industry and share his profound passion for wakesurfing with others.

Connor's Sponsors

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