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Jake Breedlove

Surf  |  Big Air Wakesurfer






Austin, TX

Born and raised on Lake Austin, Jake Breedlove has been riding and pushing the limits of wakesurfing for over 10 years. With style and huge amplitude, Jake always strives to set himself apart from other wakesurfers and has done well taking home an amateur and semi-pro world title.

Jake has a passion for the outdoors and everything nature. His time on the Lake is definitely his place of peace. Aside from wakesurfing, Jake is always on the move or being creative. From wakesurfing to painting to rock climbing to skateboarding, Jake enjoys many activities and sports that involve tons of active movement and nature. Jake is also a happily married man to his wonderful wife Kolby. They live in Austin together with a dog named Reece and a Paint/Quarter Horse named Bigby. With his faith in God and loving/supporting wife, family, and friends, Jake will continue to be involved the the sport of wakesurfing, doing what he loves.

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