Matt Manzari Wakeskater

Matt Manzari

Warrior  |  Wakeskate | Foil






Clermont FL

Husband. Father of three. Pro wakeskater. Twice nearly died. On the water Matt was an innovator landing many firsts in the sport, including the first underflip (changing the board flip direction midair). He has titles like “trick of the year”, “wakestock champion” and many more. In 2015 Matt was electrocuted while trimming trees at a church project. Over 12,000 volts melted the skin off his chest and arms causing 4th and 5th degree burns all over his upper body. Since, Matt’s had 78 surgeries to get back on the water and back to being the dad and husband his family needs! Matt and Bobbye Jean have three little boys, and they love to adventure, camp,travel, and play on the lake! Matt loves to Foil, wakesurf, snowboard, and pretty much anything with a board!

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