Ava Stewart, a young woman, is riding a wakeboard in the water.

Ava Stewart

Surf  |  Professional Wakesurfer






Victoria, Minnesota

Ava Stewart went undefeated in 2022 and was the 2022 Outlaw Skim World Champion! While she has always enjoyed watersports from a young age, Ava fell in love with wakesurfing after watching her brother compete, and started competing herself in 2020. Just 3 years later, as a senior in high school, she is now competing in the professional division. When she is not on the water, you can find her either playing lacrosse or hockey. She also loves to design and has enjoyed working with an artist to create her own pro model board with Kanuk Board Company, and working with Axil swim to create her own swimsuit. Before she competes, she likes to do some stretching and then go on a walk with her brother to get in the right mindset.