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Grant Korgan

Surf  |  Pro Wake Surf & Foil Athlete






Lake Tahoe, NV

Grant Korgan is a multi-sport athlete who has left an indelible mark on the world of water sports, as a Pro Team member of the Centurion Boats family. With his unwavering determination and inspiring story of resilience, Grant has become a heartfelt part of the industry we all love so much.

Grant’s on-water style is characterized by a blend of adventure-athleticism, creativity, and flow. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he faced a life-altering accident. In 2010, while snowmobiling in the Sierra Nevada mountains, he suffered a severe Spinal Cord Injury which left him paralyzed from the waist down. This devastating incident could have easily shattered Grant’s dreams, but instead, ignited an even stronger flame within him.

Undeterred by the perception of physical limitation, Grant embarked on a remarkable journey of rehabilitation and recovery. With unwavering determination and the support of his circle, he defied all odds to reclaim his athletic life. Through intensive physical therapy and becoming the first person with a spinal cord injury to push himself to Antarctica’s geographic South Pole, he pioneered ways to once again participate in the sports he loved.

In 2015, Grant began development with Centurion Boats founder Rick Lee, on the sport of adaptive surfing. The duo developed gear, safety measures and techniques which opened the door for countless others to experience the magic of surfing, regardless of physical ability. Later that year, Grant signed with Centurion Boats as a pro team athlete!!

Grant’s incredible resilience and refusal to be defined by his injury have made him an example of forward-movement to people worldwide. He has become an advocate for adaptive sports and an ambassador for the limitless potential of the human spirit. By sharing his story and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Grant has touched the lives of countless individuals facing their own challenges.

As a Centurion athlete, Grant continues to push the boundaries of his sport with infectious enthusiasm, both on and off the water. Whether he is mentoring aspiring athletes, or participating in adaptive sports programs, Grant remains a beacon of hope and a true ambassador for the power of perseverance. Grant’s story serves as a testament to the power of human will and a reminder that with determination, everything is possible.

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